Balance your business till correctly every day, without long cash closures and error free. Automate the collection of your clients and reduce the costs related to cash. Secure your business point against thefts and unknown loses. CashGuard is responsible for the total control of cash management in such a way that can allocate your business resources to those areas where it is most needed.


CashGuard balance the till of your restaurant at the end of the day, without investing extra time and suppressing confusions on the cash count


CashGuard is the perfect solution for the peak hours of your pharmacy. Ensure that your customers receive the correct change and without queues.


When you handle large amounts of cash, you need to keep an exhaustive control of your accounts. 

Petrol Station

CashGuard provides security to your gas station funds, thanks to its toughness and software that prevent wrong handling.


CashGuard controls all the operations of the different tills of your supermarket. 


Some of our clients that manage their cash with CashGuard.


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