Pricer, global leader in technology for digitally connected stores, has expanded its partnership agreement with Strongpoint, leader in retail technology solutions, to help Spanish pharmacies increase sales and run more efficient in-store operations through advanced digital shelf-edge solutions.

The typical Spanish pharmacy store manages and promotes well over 10 000 products while operating with limited resources, often just a few employees per store. In addition to the traditional in-store processes, pharmacies must also comply with strict government regulations, adding an extra dimension to the complexity of the routines.

The partnership between Pricer and Strongpoint, which is effective immediately, enables pharmacies to significantly improve the efficiency of their in-store processes around product availability, pricing and promotions. Both companies, being established partners in several European countries, are well-experienced in digitizing retail with in-store IoT solutions and making pharmacy store operations run more efficiently. By allowing pharmacists to spend more time serving customers and preparing medicines, the investment drives both employee and customer satisfaction.

“Like in most other countries, many Spanish pharmacies lack people and budgets to have dedicated shelf-managers, meaning there is little room for in-store tasks like updating prices or checking expiration dates on the shelves,” says Manolo Vidal, Sales Director at Pricer in Spain. “We also understand the needs for the well-educated pharmacy staff to put emphasis on helping customers finding the right product rather than managing the shelfs.”

“We have a strong track record together and have already received positive initial feedback from key Spanish pharmacies,” says Javier Aguilera, Country Manager Strongpoint Iberia. “By joining forces, we can offer pharmacies best-in-class store performance and shopping experience through our innovative in-store digital solutions.”

At Pricer, the partnership is led by the new Sales Director Manolo Vidal, who will build on Pricer’s nearly three decades of retail innovation and industry leadership to strengthen the company’s presence on the Spanish market.